“I have read dozens of business books during my professional lifetime, many of them providing useful insight, but I can not recall one that speaks to the entrepreneur from the heart and soul of someone who has been there and done that with such success. Ricardo Levy has accomplished this within his concise and inspiring text, in ways that one would never expect. He draws not only on his accomplishments, but more importantly also on the deep challenges he faced as a leader in dealing with the unexpected — something every entrepreneur encounters. If you are an entrepreneur, or contemplating that role in life, I urge you to read Letters To A Young Entrepreneur and then read it again, and again, and again.”

James A. Cusumano
Prague, Czech Republic
Author of Balance: The Business-Life Connection

“Levy is one of those rare entrepreneurs who is reflective and even analytical about the entrepreneurial process, and he’s written a book reflecting on those challenges, typical of those every entrepreneur faces, and how he solved them.”
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Allen Hammond
Senior Entrepreneur in Residence and member
of the Leadership Group at Ashoka

“Building an enterprise from the earliest stages to maturity requires more art than science, and this book provides wonderful personal insights into many of the issues and challenges a leader faces along the way.”

Larry Sonsini
Chairman, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
Chairman, Commission on Corporate Governance, New York Stock Exchange

“These chapters should be re-packaged in envelopes, so that when you open each letter you can read it slowly, thoughtfully, even more than once, and savor the insights. Few authors, business executives, or entrepreneurs have been willing, as Levy has, to let us into their heads and inside their hearts, telling us not only what to think about, what feelings we’ll need to come to grips with, but most importantly why any of this matters in building meaningful relationships and institutions. Herein is Levy’s legacy, meant to provide guidelines to the next generation of entrepreneurs and others who aspire to make a difference.”

Barry Z. Posner, PhD
Professor of Leadership and former Dean, Santa Clara University
Co-author of The Leadership Challenge and The Truth about Leadership

“These are thoughtful, insightful letters that every entrepreneur should read. Building a company is an immensely difficult task that too many embark on blindly. These letters provide marvelous insight into the very personal, very human elements that an entrepreneur should understand.”

Gib Myers
Partner Emeritus, Mayfield Fund
Founder and Director, Entrepreneurs Foundation
Co-founder, Center for Social Innovation, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Letters to a Young Entrepreneur is truly fabulous… a real ‘Love story,’ but with ‘feet on the ground’ sensitivities regarding an entrepreneur’s personal journey.”

James L Koch
Director, Global Social Benefit Incubator
School of Business Administration, Santa Clara University

“This collection of ‘letters’ takes me back to the delightful Tuesdays with Morrie but with a successful entrepreneur, Ricardo Levy. Maybe Mondays with Ricardo would have been another title. For over three years I have been the beneficiary of Ricardo’s insight and wisdom, honed over decades of real entrepreneurship on the ground. From absorbing uncertainty to controlling hubris and from spiritual quiet time to layoffs and building a wonderful board of directors, this book has it all. He speaks of companions we meet along the way, and I certainly regard him as one of the rare and wonderful such individuals that too seldom enter one’s life.”

Robert Worsley
Founder, Skymall Inc.
Chairman and CEO, Renegy Holdings, Inc.

“What a marvelous meeting of faces here — faces that do not always meet! Ricardo Levy has put together the very practical with the possible and the profound. If you want to do many and good things, and do them at a higher level, I would encourage you to read this fine and inspiring book.”

Father Richard Rohr
Founding Director, Center for Action and Contemplation, Albuquerque, NM
Author of Simplicity: The Freedom of Letting Go