Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  1. The Whole Entrepreneur
  2. Internal Qualities of the Entrepreneur: Your Commitment Capacity
  3. External Qualities of the Entrepreneur: Your Persuasion Ability
  4. Core Qualities of the Entrepreneur: Your Leadership Capability
  5. Contrasting Forces: Optimism versus Realism
  6. Companions on the Journey
  7. Absorbing Uncertainty: The Entrepreneurial Covenant
  8. The Pull of Hubris
  9. Personal Values and Sense of Purpose
  10. Spiritual Awareness and the Treasure of Meditation
  11. Discernment and the Predicament of Control
  12. The Toughest Moments: Layoffs
  13. The Dilemma of Changing Roles
  14. Paradoxical Yet Key Support: The Board of Directors
  15. The Joy of the Entrepreneurial Journey
  • Acknowledgments
  • Notes and References
  • About Authors Quoted or Cited
  • Epigraph Sources and Notes
  • About the Author